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  • Dwarf Blue Cray juveniles
  • Beautiful color on this Sub-Adult.

(3) "Dwarf Blue" Crayfish - C. Diminutus

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(3) "Dwarf Blue" Cambarellus Diminutus This is one of the Smallest Crayfish species known - 1.25" when full grown. These ship as roughly 1/4" unsexed juveniles. (Small!)  Plant friendly - breeds easily. Can be kept in groups as long as there is plenty of extra hiding spots, live plants and mosses are recommended. Driftwood will provide hiding spots and may help in lowering PH values. These range from Blue to Grayish depending on water conditions. Lower PH and softer water seem to bring out the best blue coloration. We recommend a "Buffering" soil specifically for freshwater shrimp or plants to get the best coloration.

Home bred in the USA



Product Videos

Dwarf Blue Crayfish - Cambarellus Diminutus "Least Crayfish" (01:02)
Cambarellus Diminutus Blue young, the first one is about 3/4" & second smaller one is about 1/4". These reach adulthood at 1 inch long. Taken under a macro lens bred by myself and when I have extra Crays and Rare and High End Freshwater Shrimp, I post them for sale on my website as well as the products and foods that I personally use. - www.onestopaquatics.com - Jerry Asper Jr (USA)
  • Dwarf Blue Cra...
    Cambarellus Diminutus Blue young, the first one is about 3/4" ...

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  1. Healthy Dwarf Crays 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Mar 29th 2017

    My dwarf blues arrived relatively fast and in healthy condition. Some were really blue, and some were pale blue to clear.

  2. Make sure you measure 1/4" before you make your purchase! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Mar 8th 2017

    My babies arrived a beautiful blue and are happy in their (current) little 5-gallon. However, I had failed to realize that they will arrive smaller than a Red Cherry Shrimp, so make sure you have a tank safe enough to let them grow first!

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