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  • Berried Female (Carrying eggs under the tail)
  • Juvenile
  • Juvenile
  • Juvenile

Dwarf Crayfish - C. Diminutus (Berried Female)

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Product Description

This is for (1) Berried Adult Female (Carrying eggs) Cambarellus Diminutus Dwarf crayfish. These are about 1.25" when full grown. Native to the Southern United States. They are very hardy and accept a wide range of water parameters. This strain throws a lot of blue morph offspring. Great scavengers. Plant friendly, does not dig or uproot plants. Will eat snails and may catch shrimp and small fish. Omnivores. Can be kept in colonies as long as there are plenty of extra hiding spots available. Likes live plants and mosses. Very prolific and easy to breed in the home aquarium. Hobby Level - Beginner

Can be kept in hard or soft water. Not picky with water parameters as long as they are not on the extremes.

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